Member since 2009
Feminist Art Base Participant
I was invited to do research at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History and Museum of Natural History. I had the opportunity to look closely at the collections of lace, samplers and embroideries that are not on view to the public. It was also marvelous to look at the collections of botanical and fauna illustrations of Audubon, Catesby, and Jose Celestino Mutis.
Resident: 2010
A contemporary art space located in the Bronx. I had a piece in a show called "Transplant/Transculture.
Interdisciplinary artist who's focus is humor.
This was the 2nd annual congress of women held in Mexico City in Spring of 2011.
FIENDISH PLOTS is an artist run initiative and exhibition space organized by Charley Friedman and Nancy Friedemann. It hosts interdisciplinary exhibitions, salons, critiques of seasoned artists in Lincoln NE and Brooklyn NY.