At the beginning of 2021 I was invited by Claudia Ramirez at Artesanías de Colombia to participate in their program Arte Vivo to create an art piece with Colombian professional artesana Mary Hermelinda Ortega. Mary is an expert in working with Mopa Mopa and Barniz de Pasto. The institution of Artesanías de Colombia recognized that I have been researching and reinterpreting the historical practice of Barniz de Pasto since 2016 and included me in this project because of our overlapping interests. This program intends to foster collaboration between artists and artisans working with traditional Colombian craft practices and to work to legitimize these traditions within contemporary art spheres. This is occurring at a moment in time where there is evidence of a growing interest in reclaiming craft and bringing ancestral knowledges into the art world in order to recuperate cultural memory. Together, Mary and I have begun the work of translating some of my collage works on Tyvek into Barniz de Pasto. With my interests in the meeting points between cultures and the past & present, this collaboration opens up an opportunity to bring contemporary art and research of colonial and indigenous iconography into their medium of origin. In 2022 I was invited by Banco de la República in Colombia to continue my research and this collaboration in their program Obra Viva.