A Visual Novel

I am currently creating a visual novel comprised of paintings, sculptures, objects and mixed media that together and in different voices weave a synchronicity of dialogues, passages, punctuations, silences about hybridity and cultural ownership. It is a multi-narrative novel about cultural memory, migration and the pursuit of the American dream. Formally, these images are anchored in Minimalism as a dominant ideological umbrella. They are then intertwined, intersected, to make narratives that describe lives of spiritual and physical transit.

Anchored in feminism, my art is infused by American and Colombian cultural forms that are dominant or subordinate.

My art is a bicultural and transcultural experience; it speaks of difference, of opposites. Having grown up in Colombia and having migrated to the US as an adult. I make art in two languages about the curious and intense experience of physically having migrated, yet having a piece of myself remaining rooted in Colombia. I create visual expressions of that syncretism that has taken place since the conquest of the Americas and that gets replicated in the migration experience.