Mestiza Dos Veces

Mestiza Dos Veces is a visual novel, comprised of paintings, sculptures, objects, and collage that weaves a synchronicity of dialogues, punctuations, and silences about hybridity and cultural ownership. It’s a multi-narrative novel about cultural memory, migration, and the expression of an overlooked American experience. A literary model allows me to create a body of work that breaks a homogeneity of style, giving me the freedom to create pieces from multiple voices. I have built a visual vocabulary that speaks about migration, colonialism, and the representation of collective cultural memory. My work is about encounters between Europe and the Americas and their continuing effects into the present. By researching historic, Colonial art practices, I aim to recuperate lost knowledge and create art reflecting the past and the present. My intention is to understand the past so that I can understand the present and share that knowledge with the viewer.

Catalogue Sioux City Arts Center, 2022. Text by Guest Curator Karen Emenhiser Harris

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